About the Croatian Digital Literacy Network

The Croatian Digital Literacy Network was formed with the general goal of strengthening cooperation and building the capacity of stakeholders across the civil, public and private sectors for research and development of the digital society in Croatia. The network conducts scientific research and, based on their results, develops guidelines for the development of public policies in the field of digital inclusion, digital education and digital transformation of work and professions.

The network currently has 25 members, of which 15 are civil society organizations, 7 are scientific and educational institutions, and 3 are regional and local governments. Representatives of all three sectors are included in online working groups of Network experts who participate in research and preparation of guidelines for public policy makers.

Working group for digital citizenship

In the first working group, scientific research was conducted on the topic of digital inclusion of the elderly and people with disabilities, as well as residents of rural areas and islands, and a public opinion survey on digital literacy in rural areas.

Working group for digital education

In the second working group, the views of mathematics teachers on lifelong learning were scientifically investigated, the needs of strengthening the capacities of informatics teachers in primary and secondary schools and the development of digital competences of secondary school teachers of Croatian language, foreign languages ​​and mathematics were carried out.

Working group for digital transformation of work and professions

In the third working group, scientific research was carried out on the digital competences of teachers in higher education, an overview scientific research on the digital transformation of healthcare, and an examination of the needs of the digital transformation of cultural and creative industries.

Working group for digital talents

In the fourth working group, an overview of scientific research on interdisciplinary learning through the development of computer games and a survey of students’ opinions on digital media competencies was carried out.

Working group for digital research and development

The fifth working group opened the R&D Lab, where the use of audiovisual technologies in education is experimented with and methods of interdisciplinary project learning are devised. At the Summer School for the Development of Digital Creativity, teachers and volunteers are trained to apply new learning methods in schools.

Working group for digital branding

The best practices of the Croatian Digital Literacy Network members are presented at round tables and conferences of the Network. At these hybrid events, the best European practices of the All Digital members are also presented.

In the preparation of the guidelines, the EU strategy Shaping Europe’s Digital Future, the Digital Education Action Plan of the European Union and the Digital Compass 2030 with planned indicators of the success of the implementation of European strategic goals by the end of the decade were used.